Visitation Services

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What are Visitation Services?

Visitation Services are provided to families with an open case with Fairfield County Child Protective Services.  Services are for children in the agency’s custody, who reside outside of their parent’s home (in foster care or in a kinship placement).   Visitation Services may include planning of phone calls and letters between parents and children, opportunities for parents to attend doctor’s appointments and school events, or face to face time between parents and kids.

Why Are Visits Important?

The purpose of visitation is to continue parent/child contact after removal has occurred. Continued contact assists with maintaining the bond between parents and children.   It lets children know their parents are okay even when they are apart.  Visits are a great opportunity for parents to demonstrate skills they have learned when completing their case plan, and prepares parents and children for reunification when appropriate.

Where Do Visits Take Place?

Visitation can occur in an agency setting, in a public setting, or in a parent’s home.  Sometimes visit location or frequency can be determined by the court and the case services team.  Weather may at times be a factor in visits planned off-site.  Visitation Services staff will work with parents and the Case Services team to assure visits take place in the most comfortable setting for families and children, while assuring continued safety at all times. 

Visits that occur at the agency take place in a visitation room.  The visitation rooms are set up much like a family room, with table and chairs, couches, toys, games, and books.  Parents have access to soda and snacks in adjacent vending machines, but are encouraged to bring any appropriate food items for yourself and your child. 

Visits in the community may take place at a park, a store or other public setting.  When there are no identified safety issues, visits may occur in a parent’s home.  This allows the children to be most comfortable in a familiar setting, and parents to have realistic opportunities for interacting with their children.  All parent/child interactions, regardless of visitation location, are documented and become a part of the family’s permanent case record.  

How Are My Visits Scheduled?

The Case Services team, parents, caregivers, and Visitation Services team are all consulted to coordinate visitation.  Visitation Services staff must take several factors into consideration when coordinating visits.  These may include:
  • Court orders (if any)
  • Safety of children, staff, and parents
  • Weather conditions
  • Availability of transportation
  • Proximity and location of children’s placement and parent’s home
  • Child’s school, court, counseling schedule
  • Parent’s work, court, counseling schedule
  • Schedule of children’s caregivers

The goal of Fairfield County Child Protective Services is to offer each visiting family a minimum of two (2) visits per week of visitation, totaling three (3) hours.  To better serve the needs of families and children, our Visitation Services team has available evening and weekend hours when necessary.  Families will also be offered the opportunity for phone contact with children a minimum of twice weekly, when age and circumstances of the case are appropriate.

What If I Can’t Make My Visit?

If you are unable to attend your visit for any reason, contact your Visitation Monitor (not your caseworker) as soon as possible.  Often times transporters leave to pick up children hours before the start of the actual visit, and early notification assures visits can be canceled timely, reducing the trauma to children.  Visitation Monitors will assure caregivers, transporters and the Case Service team are notified about the cancellation.

In inclement weather, Fairfield County Child Protective Services has the discretion to cancel visits and transports, due to the conditions of the roads. In a Level 3 snow emergency:  Agency will be closed; no visits or transportation.  In a Level 2 snow emergency:  Agency will be open, but transportation may not be available due to the conditions of the roads, which may result in cancellation of visits. If the agency is going to close or cancel visits during the current business day, your Visitation Monitor will contact you.


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In the event you are unable to reach Visitation Services staff, please call the main number for Fairfield County Child Protective Services at 740-652-7887.                

Tips for a Great Visit:

  • Come prepared with a good night’s sleep and a great attitude.
  • Bring any toys, games or food items you and your child might enjoy during the visit.Consider visit location and the ability to make, purchase or prepare foods.
  • Bring an item from home that your children and you can discuss or enjoy.Examples might include books you can read with or to your child, photos, or perhaps an item the child previously made for you.
  • Plan activities with your child that you would like to do each visit.Discuss any special needs with your Visitation Monitor.
  • Consider the weather and bring appropriate clothing if the visit is planned for outdoors.
  • Arrive at the visit location on time.