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Applications to become a new child care provider in the state of Ohio are submitted to the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services. Complete applications are forwarded to the county of residence for processing and licensing recommendations. To apply to be a family child care provider, please contact the Child Care Policy Help Desk at 1-877-302-2347, option 4, or apply online at

If you want to provide child care services to families that are eligible for the publicly-funded child care program, you must be licensed. If you want to care for children not participating in this program, there is no need to become licensed.

To view Family Child Care rules for Type A and Type B homes please click here.

For additional resources and information, please visit the ODJFS Child Care page here.

Type A and Type B Family Child Care Providers

Please review the following information to ensure you can meet the requirements before completing the application.

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How many children can be accepted?

  • Type B Family Child Care Providers are licensed to accept up to six children (of which three may be under two years old)
  • Type A Family Child Care Providers are licensed to accept up to twelve children (of which six may be under two years old)

What are the qualifications?

  • To become a Type A or B provider you must:
    • $250 application fee
    • Have a high school diploma or GED
    • Pass a home inspection
    • Pass local FBI and BCI background checks for the provider, any adult living in the home, any child care staff member, substitute, or employee
    • Be certified in First Aid, CPR,  and complete Communicable Disease (6 hour course), and Child Abuse/Neglect (6 hour course)
    • Attend 6 hours of training annually to maintain licensure
    • Be at least 18 years of age
    • Not have been convicted of a violent crime
    • Provide child care services only in your home
    • Have a working telephone
    • Provide a medical statement that meets the criteria listed here

For additional requirements and information, please click here

What could disqualify someone?

  • If you have an adult or child who has been convicted of a violent crime or any other disqualifying criminal offenses (a list is available here).

What are the rules for Type A and B Family Child Care Providers?

How Are Type A and B Family Child Care Providers Paid?

  • As a licensed Type A or B child care provider you are:
    • Self-employed and enter into a provider agreement with ODJFS
    • Responsible for paying your own city, state and federal tax. FCJFS and Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) DO NOT withhold taxes from your paycheck.
    • Paid weekly

    Your income will vary depending on the number of children in your care. You may accept private-paying children as long as you report these children to FCJFS and abide by the state and county rules and regulations

Other important things you need to know:

  • Your home will be inspected at least twice a year. At least one of these inspections will be unannounced.
  • You may have other employment as long as your employment schedule does not conflict or interfere with your child care hours.

Payment Schedule

  • The 2018 payment schedule is available here.

Reimbursement Rates

  • The payment for "settled" service weeks is currently visible in the provider portal. This payment is based on the provider's reported rates compared to the ODJFS maximum reimbursement rates and a child's time and attendance data from the Ohio ECC card. Payment is based on child care usage, not authorization category.

Submit a Manual Claim

  • Instructions for Providers:
    • Complete the JFS 01261 form completely.
    • Fax the completed form to (740) 689-4848, or e-mail to FCJFS will review the form and make a determination for payment. 
    • If the request is accepted, the payment will be processed the Sunday after FCJFS keys the amount due to the provider into the system. The provider can view this information on the PWeb.
    • If the payment is denied, then FCJFS will return the JFS01261 form to the provider.

My Payment is incorrect. How do I have it adjusted?

  • A Request for Payment Adjustment (JFS 01292) needs to be submitted if a payment for services has been calculated by the Ohio Electronic Child Care (ECC) system for the provider, but the payment amount for a specific child is incorrect. Currently, detailed payment information is available on the PWeb.
  • Instructions for Providers:
    • Complete the JFS 01292 Publicly Funded Child Care Request for Ohio ECC Payment Adjustment form completely.
    • Fax the completed form to (740) 689-4848, or e-mail to FCJFS will review the form and make a determination for payment.
    • If all information is correct and the request is approved, the payment will be processed.
    • The provider can view the adjustment information on the PWeb once it has been entered for payment.
    • If the payment is denied, FCJFS will return the JFS 01292 form to the provider.
  • Please Note: ODJFS has received several payment adjustment requests for absent days. While there may be situations in which an absent day could be claimed using the manual claim form, absent days cannot be claimed on the payment adjustment form. If attendance was swiped for a week, that means the authorization was active and absent days could have been claimed during the back swipe period using the provider website (PWeb). This system requirement for reporting absent days using the PWeb will allow for the timely and accurate reporting of absent days during the week they are claimed. ODJFS will not approve an adjustment request for an absent day when the PWeb process should have been used. 

Application Information

To learn more about how to become a Family Child Care Provider please go to