COVID-19 Prevention, Retention and Contingency (PRC) Program

Due to a high volume of PRC applications that exceeded available funding, effective immediately,

we are no longer accepting PRC applications for assistance




Families with Minor Children

Under 200% Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG)

PRC 200% FPG
Household Size
30-Day Gross Income
 1 $2,082 
 2 $2,819 
 3 $3,555 
 4 $4,292 
 5 $5,029 
 6 $5,765 
Sarah Kauffman at
(740) 652-7667
OR Stephanie Brooke at
(740) 652-7628
by printing off a COVID-19
Disaster Services Application
(See below) then use our drop
box to turn it in OR
FAX: 740-689-4848
What can COVID-19 PRC
assist with?:
  • COVID-19 PRC can assist with up to $1,500 per
    family in disaster services. The household must
    be below 200% FPG and have a minor child in the
    household or be pregnant.
  • The COVID-19 Disaster Services application
    can be completed over the phone with a
    PRC specialist and a verbal signature will be
    documented. Applications can also be found below, look under Application

The program can assist with:

  • Rent -  The customer does not have to have a threat of
    homelessness to be eligible but will need to submit
    verification from their landlord of how much they owe in
    rent. Their landlord will also have to become a vendor with
    the agency if they are not one already.
  • ​Utility Assistance -​ ​The customer does not have to have a
    disconnect notice to be eligible but will need to provide a
    copy of their current utility bill.
  • ​Food and Necessary Items -​ The customer will receive a
    voucher for Walmart where they can purchase items such
    as food, hygiene items, cleaning supplies and toiletries. The
    voucher amount is based on family size.

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